To ensure safty payment, Click&Wine uses safty payment systems of bank entitiesprepared for ecommerce.

Credit and Debit Card:

Customers can pay with credit or debit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) using the ecommerce platform Redsys, based on a “three domains model” (3D Secure thecnology). This solution covers the complete selling process, from the initial moment the user access to the web till the approval of the payment.

Bank and card data are not managed by Click&Wine. They are used directly as a payment platform.


Click&Wine has a safety platform for those users with a Paypal account. Once the order is completed you will be led to PayPal to finalize the payment. You will receive and email with the order confirmation and you will be able to go back to 

Bank Wire transfer:

If you prefer to make an order and do the payment with wire transfer, we will include in the email the account information. Click&Wine will do the transaction once the payment is done and available in out account.

In order to speed up this process, the delivery of a copy of the bank wire transfer receipt to our e-mail is recommended.